Justin Scott, NHL - Columbus Blue Jackets

Prospect doing Biofeedback training with Dr. Kim

STAGE 8 - The last stage of the THT Hockey Development Loop or THE FORMULA is achievement of personal goals through performance.  It must be understood that there is no final stage.  Continued maintenance is necessary to retain elite performance.  The THT Development Loop circles around back to Dr. Kim where she provides Biofeedback maintenance and support.  Players at the NHL level continue work on their mental and technical skills regularly to stay sharp and ready.   The player is able to play "unconscious".  Playing without thinking and just reacting, choosing the proper skill set and movement patterns for a given situation.  The player performs "in the moment" and doesn't allow destructive self talk or external distractions to affect performance. 


STAGE 3 - Focus and Alpha Biofeedback Training.  The Athlete begins 10 - 12 sessions where Dr. Kim re-wires the brain, proven through performance indicators.  The goal is for the player to have the ability to find The Zone, Perform Unconscious, and Stay in The Zone.   The player performs multiple online tasks and is an active participant during growth.  This also develops self-confidence as players enjoy training and can witness progressions.   Most athletes have no idea how the brain or body works and the unlimited potential of the brain for skill development and performance.

David using video on-ice to immediate visual feedback of the players movement pattern execution.

psychologICAL  performance profiling



Dr. Kim Shapcott - Elite Hockey Performance Psychologist


what else is included in the program

David working with New York Jr. Islanders prospect.  Biofeedback training ice-level followed immediately by skill sessions


STAGE 2 - Baseline results are analyzed and provided to the athlete.   There is no guessing or bias as the player receives immediate live feedback of their brainwaves, respiration rate, muscle tension, skin conductance, temperature, and heart rate.   Results will be used as a measuring tool to prove future development and learning. 

STAGE 6 - The skill and ability to transfer and apply psychological skills learned and developed during Focus and Alpha Biofeedback Training will be applied to speed up skill acquisition and improve performance.  Imagery, breathing, mindful arousal control, and focus to name a few are skills in themselves and need to be rehearsed to master.  Unlocking brain potential and teaching the player how to voluntarily control brainwaves and physiological responses in the body opens the door to elite skills, proper preparation, and in-game performance.   

STAGE 5 - Learning technical movement patterns and concepts for skills development.  All individual and tactical skills are broken down into manageable sets of movement patterns.  Movement patterns are learned separately, then sequenced back together, resulting in elite technical skill acquisition.   Technology like eye-level and puck-perspective video, IPad technology, and video analysis software is used to accelerate learning.   Adding this dimension to learning is invaluable because athletes will see, hear, and feel repetitions.  Most players have not witnessed themselves shooting, skating or have their shot speed monitored using a radar gun.  Paired with David's chosen technical teachings, technology allows the player to process information deeper and quicker, resulting perfect practice.

David Tait - Professional Technical Shooting

and Skills Development Coach


STAGE 1 - After being accepted into the program, players undergo Psychological Profiling by Dr. Kim Shapcott using Thought Technology.  Baseline profiling measures the players' responses to stress.   Stress comes in many different forms and in most players physical, mental, and emotional stress dictates the players ability to learn, prepare, perform and recover.    Electrodes collect valuable data, which allows Dr. Kim to completely understand the players' psychological and physiological strengths and areas to focus on.


ON-ICE BASELINE skills assessmentS

Johnny Boychuck - NHL - New York Islanders

The Sports Corporation Agency off-season technical shooting and skating camp Edmonton Alberta.



*  Confidence Building   *  Understanding of anatomy, physiology, psychology, bio-mechanics, and physics in hockey

*  Mental skills learned and transferred to personal life situations (juggling school, family, personal relationships, hockey, fitness)

*  Injury prevention and recovery  *  Leadership Skills Training  *  Eliminate or control anxiety and depression  *  ADHD impulse and arousal improvement  + Better focus and concentration *  Learn the power of the breath  *  Concussion recovery  *  develop a 6th sense using biofeedback, that allows a player to see and hear learning and to “see” or “hear” activity inside the body

STAGE 7 - Continued application of learned psychology skills, repetitive technical movement pattern coaching, and video feedback.  This is THT Hockey Perfect Practice in action.  It is said that it takes 10 000 hours to master a skill.  However we believe, using THT Hockey Perfect Practice, we can challenge this rule and accelerate learning and execution resulting is mastering elite skills and tactics.  The proof is the success of our players and resulting data.  Confidence grows as the player continues to expand their repertoire of skills to choose from in games and performance sky rockets. 


David Tait created THT HOCKEY DEVELOPMENT 15 years ago and has since traveled the world teaching and training thousands of hockey players of all levels including Major Junior, NCAA, AHL, KHL, European Leagues, and the NHL.  Tapping into his worldly experiences, years of education, and deep life-long passion for the game, David and Kim have developed an elite program producing some of the best up and coming players.  At THT Hockey we call it the FORMULA.  David has an outstanding ability to identify strengths and deficiencies of his players.  He is addicted to the dynamics between the brain and body systems and has created innovative technical and tactical practices which prove to speed up the learning curve and mastery of skills, resulting in higher level athletes.

STAGE 4 - On-ice Baseline Skills Assessments.  Infrared technology and radar is used to collect measurable data for chosen skating, shooting, technical, and tactical movement patterns.  These results will be used as a measuring tool to prove development and learning.  David and Kim will use these on-ice results to create an individualized plan for skill development to compliment the Focus and Alpha Training protocol the athlete is performing.   David and Kim will consult with the player to discuss results and explain their personal plan.  




* "Shooters Illusion" and "Eyes of the Puck" in-class seminar and on-ice clinic

* "Shoot to Score" seminar - highest percentage of goals scored in the offensive zone based on NHL Analytics

* Biofeedback Certificate - including baseline results and final data to display overall improvement in mental skills

* Personal Movement Pattern video and analysis sent regularly

* Custom profile on the new THT Hockey App - used for sharing video, direct communication and scheduling

* THT Hockey Custom Apparel Included - Warm-up suit, training shorts, t-shirt, training back pack, jersey, and socks

* 5 Star Fitness is on conveniently on site at Gateway Ice Centre.  A personal strength and conditioning program can be created

   and performed with one of their hockey specific personal trainers

* Nutrition Seminar with qualified expert in nutrition and supplement intake for hockey players

* Hockey equipment reps to test sticks and other equipment

* Guest appearances with General Managers and Scouts from Junior teams and NCAA Schools

"THE FORMULA " or the THT HOCKEY BRAIN-BODY BIOFEEDBACK TRAINING PROGRAM is the most INNOVATIVE, COMPREHENSIVE, HOCKEY SPECIFIC TRAINING PROGRAM available.  Dr. Kim Shapcott and David Tait have a combined 20 years of university education studying and contributing research in Team Dynamics, Sports

Psychology, Kinesiology, Anatomy, Biomechanics, Physiology, Biology, Human Behavior,

Sports Injury Care and Prevention, and Concussion Protocol and Recovery.  Complimenting

their extensive dedication to education and learning, they also have to a combined 50 years

experience as athletes, coaches, trainers, Physical Education and Health teachers, Sports

Psychologists,and fans of the the greatest game in the world.  The game has taken them

around the globe, collaborating with some of the best hockey minds and training some of

the best hockey players in the world.   They feel absolutely blessed having such rich and

gratifying experiences in hockey and the hockey community.  They felt obligated to create

a program where there are no limits to development and performance.  They created a team

that players and parents can rely on, trust and believe in and where players will always return

throughout their careers or even join our team and give back to future stars of tomorrow.